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What Happening with Atlas

They say that in the beginning was the word-but in my case, it was the PICTURE. . . for I was an artist before I became a writer.

Then, in 1958, I shifted gears and started WORDING it for Marvel Comics. . . a not unlikely choice, considering that the editor was my brother. Some of you may have heard of him - his name is STAN LEE.

In those long ago, halcyon days, Stan plotted and scripted; I scripted; and a fellow named Jack Kirby just drew (about six pages a day).

Among my classic comic endeavors were the first THOR, the first IRON MAN, and the first ANT-MAN. Thus, I gave the world the name Henry Pym and a hammer called Uru. In return, the world gave me a chance to work with some of the most talented people in this industry. . . and none more so than Stan, himself (who taught me that dialogue is more important than captions, and pay vouchers are more important than either).

Then, for some forgettable reason, I left the world of super heroes and went WEST, young man. . . where I plotted, scripted and penciled THE RAWHIDE KID for a half-dozen years, pausing only to limn two SPIDER-MAN ANNUALS - which were aptly named, considering how long I took to limn them.

After that tour of duty, I reentered the twentieth century and penciled some of Marvel's mightiest covers. . .

. . . until coming to work for ATLAS, where I now sit on the other side of the desk, breathing editorial file into this new major comics company.

But I'm lucky. Though the names have changed, the talent remains undiminished - as you'll discover for yourself when you read stories and view artwork by writers like GARY FRIEDRICH and illustrators such as FRANK THORNE.

I also have the good fortune to be employed by a publisher who's unafraid to roll up his sleeves. His name is CHIP GOODMAN, and for you aficionados of historical data, his father founded Marvel Comics way back when.

Last but not least, I have an able editorial assistant, DAVID KRAFT, about whom you'll certainly be hearing more.

And now, to the overdue point of all this. Every comics company in this industry wants to give you, the reader, the BEST WRITTEN and BEST ILLUSTRATED stories possible. Here at ATLAS, our intent is no less.

Larry Lieber

And just to prove we're not whistling in the dark when we say that ATLAS is where it's at, here's what we have up our editorial sleeves (besides our elbows)!

To begin with, you know and we know that the ATLAS line is like a gem in the rough, subject to continuing refinement until it achieves the finish and shine of a polished jewel. More specifically, that means we're working hard at improving our present titles, trying new directions, and expanding our horizons with fresh ideas and concepts.

In other words, we're experimenting with the tried and true, as well as the new. And, to relieve your unbearable suspense, here are some of the those exciting items. Let's begin with the new ones.

By now, you've seen the first issue of THE BARBARIANS, a sword and sorcery stew of savage swords and even more savage men. Ironjaw and Andrax shared the debut issue; but waiting in the wings for #2 is Wulf the Barbarian - and just wait'll you see what all-new high-action hero is waiting in the wings for the third issue of THE BARBARIANS! It will be fantasy adventure at it's finest.

For your delectation, we also have HANDS OF THE DRAGON. a martial arts effort with a difference (and for mere 25¢, you'll discover what that difference is).   It's chronicled by Ed

Fedory and out dashing new discovery from Canada, Jim Craig. By now, you've seen Jim's exciting artwork on THE SCORPION, and his enthusiasm is equaled by stamina and greed, he'll also be illustrating WULF THE BARBARIAN, with Mike Friedrich scripting (they start with #4).

But those aren't the only surprises in store for you, not by a long shot! Coming up are not one, but two new books by Rich Buckler and David Kraft. Immediately following his premiere appearance in TALES OF EVIL #3, the MAN-MONSTER goes wild in his own bi-monthly magazine; and on opposite months, you can pick up DEMON HUNTER, destined to be one of the most action-packed quasi-superhero strips in the awesome age of ATLAS. Don't miss the origin in the epic collector's item first issue!

But even that's not all. We've been saving the best for last - It's the SON OF DRACULA by Gary Friedrich and Frank Thorne. Words can't do it justice. But you can do yourself a favor and pick up the first breathtaking issue; it's a twist on anything you might expect.

There's just enough room now to tell you about some of the changes to watch for in current and upcoming issues of comics such as MORLOCK 2001 & THE MIDNIGHT MEN (the title ought to give you a hint, cause we're not going to say much more, other than that #3 is by he team of Gary Friedrich, Steve Ditko and Berni Wrightson).

And then there's THE PHOENIX, gaining "wings" and a new direction with the fourth issue, under the guidance of Gary F. and (hopefully) Jack Abel. Also in the department of new directions, "Plague of Blood" in PLANET OF VAMPIRES #3 by Russ Heath and John Albano - sets the scenario for horrors to come.

While we're at it, we'll remind you not to miss TIGER-MAN #3 and DESTRUCTOR #4, both by that peerless pair, Gerry Conway and Steve Ditko. Of course, IRONJAW and THE BRUTE will be forging new standards of excellence, helmed by our prolific Gary Friedrich, and Pablo Marcos (after a fill-in on the third issue of the latter by Al Weiss). Okay, enough is enough - we can tell when we've wog-boggled you sufficiently for this issue. But don't go away, because there'll be lots more news next time - all of it good, if we can help it!

In the meantime, read up and let us know what you think about ATLAS. Write to the letter columns. We're depending on you to let us know what you like.

And remember: if it's amazing, astonishing, adventurous - it's ATLAS.

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