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In our last issue we introduced you to THE PHOENIX, GRIM GHOST, IRONJAW, TARGITT, WULF THE BARBARIAN, THE SCORPION, PLANET OF VAMPIRES, THE COUGAR, THE BRUTE, and MORLOCK 2001. And if that's not mouthful enough for you, try adding WEIRD SUSPENSE, TIGER-MAN, BLAZING BATTLE TALES to your Atlas literary lexicon.

WEIRD SUSPENSE is a showcase magazine that, every issue, will feature a new and unique horror hero. The first collector's edition features THE TARANTULA, a beastial do-gooder who nightly turns from man to human tarantula. You'll really dig this spider-man! Brought to you by artist Pat Boyette and scripter Michael Fleisher.

TIGER-MAN is the most powerful character in the Atlas line-up. His steel claws and feline jaws make him the most formidable nemesis to crime our world has ever known! His daring exploits are recounted by Ernie Colon, artist, and Gabriel Levy, writer.

BLAZING BATTLE TALES is a potpourri of the world's most thrilling war stories. Written by John Albano, and starring SGT. STONE, the first issue features all-new tales of combat. Each and every issue will feature three complete stories. A bargain at 25¢!

So much for the new! The returnees are as follows. In IRONJAW #2, our barbaric hero battles an army of giant bears in the enemy king's arena. And this issue marks the debut of Pablo Marcos as artist on the book. PHOENIX meets an alien invasion head-on in the exciting conclusion of his two-part origin story. The battleground is New York City and the climax will leave you breathless.

MORLOCK meets a kindly scientist in our plant man's second issue, but learns that appearances can be deceiving! Futuristic adventures in the year 2001! Meanwhile, back in 1930, THE SCORPION battles voodoo and indestructible zombies, while forty years later, THE COUGAR combats an age-old vampire. Out in space, things get hot on the PLANET OF VAMPIRES. Issue #2 features a confrontation between astronauts, savages and vampires with a memorable and highly explosive climax.

Back on earth, THE BRUTE battles the horror of the reptile men, THE GRIM GHOST, on the other hand, tackles a heist on board an ocean liner.

The corker of the month, however, is WULF THE BARBARIAN, a sword and sorcery epic that ends with a never-to-be-forgotten battle between a fire-demon and a creature of water! This, not to mention mountains of sword-play and muscle-bending heroics.

But if you think monster slaying is rough, try tackling TARGITT's terrain for a day. A mob-run drug ring falls before the vigilante's unstoppable thrust, with a climactic battle between submarine and helicopter in Boston Harbor! And while you're in the neighborhood, take a look at THE DESTRUCTOR, POLICE ACTION, WESTERN ADVENTURES, VICKI (why not?), SAVAGE COMBAT TALES, TALES OF EVIL and MIDNIGHT MADNESS. They're on sale now... from Atlas!

And lest we forget: If you dig comics, our black and white magazines are sure to knock you for a loop. WEIRD TALES OF THE MACABRE and DEVILINA feature unadulterated shock as you like it. 64 incredible pages of illustrated terror by such greats as Leo Summers, Frank Thorne, Jeff Jones and others. And don't forget THRILLING ADVENTURE STORIES, the most exciting comics magazine ever! The first collector's edition is now on sale, featuring the art of Russ Heath, Leo Summers, Frank Thorne, Jack Sparling and Ernie Colon. Between them all, we've got classic tales of dinosaurs, super-heroes and warfare.

And for you monster freaks, there's MOVIE MONSTERS #2 with articles on 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY, RODAN, PLANET OF THE APES, DRACULA, SUPERMAN, DOC SAVAGE, FRANKENSTEIN, GOLDEN VOYAGE OF SINBAD and more. Don't miss it!

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