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What Happening with Atlas

Comics is an escapist medium, no matter what the psychologists say. If you entertain and make a valid social point, then all the better. But first and foremost, entertainment is our bag.

And just as Atlas was a Titan in Greek Mythology, so plan we to be a titan of comic books. If there's a doubt in your mind as to whether or not we can do it, take a look at out line-up. 'Cause this is what comics is all about!

Exciting and lusty adventure await IRONJAW, a savage sword and sandal epic set in the far future and brought to you by the team of Michael Fleisher, Mike Sekowsky and Jack Abel.

A dearth of souls-in-torment causes Satan to summon the services of THE GRIM GHOST, a Michael Fleisher/Ernie Colon presentation in blazing Hadescope.

The Greatest Story Ever Told is what you'll find in THE PHOENIX, Atlas' sci-fi Man of Tomorrow. And if that sounds cryptic, don't sweat it! Jeff Rovin and Sal Amendola assure one and all that they know what they're doing!

Off in space, the saga of WULF THE BARBARIAN is set on a planet the size of which is beyond mortal comprehension. Written and penciled by Larry Hama, inked by Klaus Janson, this is sword and sorcery comics at it's very best.

But Hama's not one to rest on his laurel's! Together with Pat Broderick on pencils and Frank McLaughlin on inks, he has created a terrifying vision of the tomorrow in PLANET OF VAMPIRES. It's the story of six astronauts who return from a Mars mission to find earth devastated by biological warfare. And the end result of this holocaust is a world divided into savages and a super-scientific race of vampires.

Meanwhile, back in the present, we've got TARGITT, a story of one man's vengeance against the Mob. Ric Meyers and Dan Adkins is an unbeatable pair to tell the story of an unbeatable man!

Is he human or is he plant? After you read the adventures of MORLOCK 2001, you can decide for yourself. Michael Fleisher and Al Milgrom, with an Abel assist from Jack, spearhead this exciting super-hero series.

After thousands of years, a Neanderthal man frozen in a block of ice is revived. Impossible, you say? Think again, and take a look at THE BRUTE, a CroMagnificent comic from Michael Fleisher, Mike Sekowsky and Pablo Marcos.

Meanwhile, with the world of 1974 as his playground, Steve Mitchell and Ernie Colon bring us the action-packed adventures of the COUGAR, a Hollywood stuntman-turned-thrillseeker.

And what THE COUGAR does for excitement, THE SCORPION does for money! Howie Chaykin helms this book, serving as writer/artist. Set in the 1930's THE SCORPION is fraught with the kind of adventure that made the pulps great! Move over DOC SAVAGE!

As if these were not enough, there's POLICE ACTION, VICKY, KID CODY AND THE COMANCHE KID, SAVAGE COMBAT TALES featuring SGT. STRYKER AND HIS DEATH SQUAD, TALES OF EVIL, MIDNITE MADNESS, and two super-hero titles so different, so exciting, that, for now, we've gotta keep 'em under wraps.


Grim Ghost # 1

Wulf the Barbarian # 1

This, not to mention our colossal black and white books, MOVIE MONSTERS, WEIRD TALES OF THE MACABRE, TALES OF THE SORCERESS and THRILLING ADVENTURE STORIES. The latter three are comics titles all, and showcase the talents of such men as Jeff Jones, Leo Summers, Pablo Marcos, Mike Kaluta, Jack Sparling, Russ Heath, Neal Adams, Steve Ditko, John Severin, Ramon Torrents, Mike Ploog, Tom Sutton, Pat Boyette, and a host of other top-notch comic folk!

As for Atlas' hard-working behind-the-scenes men, publishing our comics are Martin and Chip Goodman, the men who created Marvel Comics. If you think their performance there was impressive, give'em full rein with Atlas!

The editorial chores are in the calloused-but-capable hands of Jeff Rovin and Larry Lieber, supported by actor-turned-office-gremlin Ric Meyers. In the production corner is expert mechanical man Steve Mitchell, whose first major crisis was learning that comics are not colored with Crayolas.

But when all is said and done, no matter who's behind them, comics are entertainment.

Atlas is might.

And Atlas Comics are mighty entertaining!

See you next month!

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