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The following books were announced in issues
of the Comic Reader but were never published.
Midnight Madness (#1 March 1975) This is a black humor magazine, and features a satire of the Night Stalker. Cover is by Tom Sutton. (12/31)
The Barbarians (#2 August 1975) Wulf the Barbarian stars in "Death Night in the Darkling Forest" by Gary Friedrich and Jim Craig . (6/17)
"Death Night in the Darkling Forest" did see print in Wulf the Barbarian #4
Hands of the Dragon (#2 August 1975) The Dragon stars in "Operation Dragonkill" by Ed Fedory and Jim Craig. (6/17)
The Cougar (#3 August 1975) The Cougar fights a fellow stuntman who has a skull of steel. He also gains a new costume and new powers as the book heads off in a new direction in "Claws of the Crippled Cougar" by Gary Friedrich, Alan Kupperberg and Frank Giacoia. (6/17)
Planet of Vampires (#4 August 1975) Mike Friedrich and Pat Broderick present "Revenge of the Vampires" in this issue. Cover by Pablo Marcos. (6/17)
Fright (#2 August 1975) The Son of Dracula stars in "He Stalks the Streets in Silence" by Gary Friedrich and Frank Springer. Cover is by Frank Thorne. (6/24)
Tales of Evil (#4 August 1975) The Scorpion stars in a ten page lead "The Graffiti Killer" by Gabe Levy and Keith Pollard, with an untitled Bog Beast story as the backup. (6/24)
Iron Jaw (#5 September 1975) Soran the Sorceress dies in "The Sword and the Sorceress" by Gary Friedrich and Pablo Marcos. Cover by Marcos. (7/8)
Vicki (#5 September 1975) (7/29)
Man-Monster (#1 September 1975) This features Atlas' first team-up as the Man-Monster fights Demon-Hunter in this story written by Dave Kraft and Jim Lawrence, pencilled by "The Mean Machine" (Rich Buckler, Keith Pollard and Aubrey Bradford) and inked by Wayne Howard, Dan Greene and Frank Giacoia. (7/22)
Click here to view the color guide to the cover of Man-Monster #1.

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