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The Comic Reader #121
The Comic Reader #121
August 1975
Atlas News

“The Atlas line of comics has suspended production indefinitely. The decision was very sudden,” said the secretary at Seaboard Publications. Larry Lieber was not available for comment, so we are unsure of either the on-sale dates or the contents of those books scheduled for August release. All we can say is that The Destructor #5, Kromag #1, and Morlock 2001 #4, as well as the already announced Barbarians #2 and Fright #2, will be released in August. (One would assume The Destructor to be drawn by Steve Ditko and Kromag to be drawn by Jack Sparling.

How have other people in the industry reacted to the decision? Here are some comments:

Denny O'Neil: “The bottom line is that I'm not suprised.”

Tony Isabella: “My only regret -- I wish they had stayed around and I hope they come back on firmer footing."

Doug Moench: “I'm sorry to see it die but I think it deserved it.”

What was the major problem with Atlas? Perhaps Neal Adams summed it up best when he said it was an example of “Too many dollars and too little sense”.

Born: June 1974   Died: June 1975


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