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The Comic Reader #117
The Comic Reader #117
April 1975
Atlas News

Dave Kraft has replaced Ric Meyers as assistant editor of Atlas. Alan Kupperburg has been made permanent production manager

Demon Hunter is this month's new book. It is to be written by Dave Kraft and drawn by Rich Buckler

In the meantime, The Grim Ghost and The Scorpion are to be cancelled with their third issues and Savage Combat Tales with its fourth issue

Fright will feature Son of Dracula by Gary Friedrich and Frank Thorne

Man-Monster will star in Tales of Evil along with the Bog Beast. The premiere story is written by Gary Friedrich, pencilled by Rich Buckler and inked by Klaus Janson

Morlock 2001 has undergone a title change to Morlock and the Midnight Men. Steve Ditko has pencilled an issue that will be inked by Berni Wrightson

Phoenix will undergo some major changes

Rich Buckler has done a whole slew of covers for Atlas, among them Targitt, Morlock 2001, Weird Suspense, Fright, Tales OF Evil and The Barbarians.

Wulf the Barbarian #3   Scorpion #3

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