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The Comic Reader #116
The Comic Reader #116
March 1975
Atlas News

Jeff Rovin has left his post as Editor at Atlas to pursue other goals. So has production manager Steve Mitchell. Larry Lieber has become Editor-In-Chief, with Ric Meyers as his assistant editor. Alan Kupperburg has taken over as temporary production manager.

John Albano and Sal Amendola will no longer be doing any work for Atlas. Leo Summers has taken over as writer/artist of Wulf The Barbarian.

Targitt will undergo a title change to John Targitt, Man-Stalker and will be written by Roscoe Pound.

A new book that will appear soon is Dragon -- a super-hero who can cause great destruction with his hands. Jim Craig will be the artist with Ed Fedory writing.

Steve Ditko has taken over the artwork on Tiger-Man begining with issue #2. Gerry Conway wrote it.

Pablo Marcos takes over the pencilling and inking for The Brute with the next issue.

Al Milgrom's last issue of Morlock 2001 is the second. Pablo Marcos will do # 3, then Jose Gaul will takeover as “permanent artist.”

Frank Springer is the new artist on The Cougar.

European artist Suso will take over as artist on the Tarantula strip as of the fourth issue of Weird Suspense.

Russ Heath has drawn the third issue of Planet of Vampires but Pat Broderick will return with the fourth. Russ has drawn some covers and Pat is doing a new back-up feature for Phoenix... The Dark Avenger, a black super-hero.

The lead feature in Blazing Battle Tales, reported elsewhere variously as “Sgt. Stone” and “Sgt. Slaughter,” has been retitled Sgt. Hawk.

Tiger-Man #2   Grim Ghost #3

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