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The Comic Reader #115
The Comic Reader #115
February 1975
Atlas News

The new book-of-the-month for Atlas is The Barbarians, a spin-off featuring a ten-page Ironjaw story (in addition to his own magazine) and a nine-page pirate story by Esteban Maroto.

There will be two more super-hero books added to the Atlas roster soon.

The previous news item that Alex Toth was to draw The Scorpion is sadly inoperative. Jim Craig will be the new artist with the third issue -- and the character will be brought up to the 1970's. Issue #2, which was due out last January 28th, was put back on the schedule to February 25th because Howie Chaykin was unable to meet the deadline.

All of Seaboard's black and white magazines with the exception of Movie Monsters will be dropped immediatley. The issues on sale last month (January) are the final issues planned for release.

Howard Nostrand will be doing the art for the second issue of The Cougar.

Mike Fleisher will be doing no more work for Atlas. Also, Neal Adams won't be doing any more covers. Frank Thorne will henceforth be doing the bulk of the covers.

New writing assignments:

Steve Mitchell - Targitt

John Albano - Ironjaw

Gabe Levy - The Scorpion

Gary Friedrich - Tarantula, The Brute

Tony Isabella - Grim Ghost, Morlock 2001, IronJaw in The Barbarians

Leo Summers will be doing the artwork for IronJaw in The Barbarians.

Tony Isabella and Pablo Marcos will be the writer artist combination on Man-Monster in the pages of Tales of Evil.

All of Atlas' books will be carrying 19 pages of atrwork.

After terrible distribution of the first month of Atlas color comics (November) with few if any reaching the customers in most areas of the country, things are looking up. The local distributors are getting the books displayed a bit better, though there is room for improvement.

Morlock 2001 #2   The Brute #2

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