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The Comic Reader #112
The Comic Reader #112
November 1974
Atlas News

Some more new titles have been announced, making the line of titles number 28, with four still unannounced.

They are:

WonderWorld (written and illustrated by... Bill Dubay)

The Time Machine (story by John Albano, art by Dan Adkins)

Tiger-Man (written by Gabe Levy, drawn by Ernie Colon)

Tarantula (by Mike Fleisher and Pay Boyette)

The Destructor (story by Archie Goodwin, art by Steve Ditko and Wally Wood)

Weird Suspense Tales (an anthology and try-out book)

Black and White House Ad

Pictured above are (top row): The Grim Ghost, Sgt. Striker, Tarantula; bottom row): The Brute, Targitt, The Scorpion and Tiger Man. The guy flying thru the middle might be the Cougar.

Savage Combat Tales will star Sgt. Striker's Death Squad.

The deal whereby Seaboard would be reprinting the Tower Comics characters has fallen through.

Tales of the Sorceress is now entitled Devilina.

Howard Nostrand, artist on the old Bat Masterson strip and Neal Adam's first employer, will be doing some drawing for Atlas.

Pablo Marcos takes over the art work on Ironjaw with issue #2.

The Scorpion #1   The Phoenix #1

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