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The Comic Reader #111
The Comic Reader #111
October 1974
Seaboard News

Atlas Comics Initial Logo Design

Above is a facsimile of the new symbol for the Seaboard Publications line. Why an 'A' you ask? Simply because the trade name they decided upon is Atlas Comics (yes, Marvel was called Atlas too -- under Martin Goodman). We are proud to be able to bring you the details of their new titles, albeit without at least two that are still held up in negotiations.

Jeff Rovin's roster of books has shaped up as follows:The Spectre of Death

The Phoenix - to be written by Jeff Rovin and drawn by Sal Amendola.

Ironjaw - by Mike Fleisher and Mike Sekowsky/Jack Abel

Grim Ghost - by Fleisher and Ernie Colon (sketch at right)

Wulf the Barbarian - to be both written and pencilled by Larry Hama, with inks by Klaus Janson.

The Brute - by Fleisher, Sekowsky and Pablo Marcos

Scorpion - both written and drawn by Howie Chaykin

Planet of Vampires - by Larry Hama (script), Pat Broderick and Frank McLaughlin

Morlock 2001 - by Fleisher, Al Milgrom and Jack Abel

Targitt - by Ric Meyers and Dan Adkins

Cougar - by Steve Mitchell and Ernie Colon

Plus two titles to be revealed later.

Larry Lieber's titles are: Police Action, Savage Combat Tales, Western Action, Tales of Evil and Vicky (a teen-age book). No regular artists or writers have been assigned on these books.

The black and white titles are as follows:

Movie Monsters, articles and photos about monster films.

Weird Tales of the Macabre, art by Neal Adams, Russ Heath, Dan Adkins, Mike Ploog and Alex Toth.

Tales of the Sorceress, with art by Ramon Torrents, Pablo Marcos, Mike Kaluta and Ric Estrada.

Thrilling Adventure Stories, with work by Russ Heath, Jack Sparling, Mike Kaluta, Steve Ditko and John Severin.

The color comics will be 25¢ with twenty pages of art, and we assume the black and whites will take the 75¢ format.

And, our ubiquitous New York reporter, David Finger, has snared himself a professional position and will be writing for Atlas, presently writing their bullpen page. Congratulations, Dave (and since you're the one with a steady job, YOU buy the meal next time).


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