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The Comic Reader #109
The Comic Reader #109
August 1974
Seaboard News

With Marvel up to what most probably is a record number of titles for a comics company (82), and DC publishing more titles than ever before, it should not have been a surprise to see someone new jump into the comics arena -- but it was. Late June, Martin and Chip Goodman formed Seaboard Periodicals at 717 Fifth Ave, New York, N.Y. and in a relatively short time, they had plans for eight new color books and four black and white titles. Goodman formerly published Marvel Comics and will undoubtedly use his contacts with distributors to Seaboard's advantage, so this looks like a comics group that will make it, and big.

As far as titles go, we cannot report anything yet for copyright reasons. We will say that a number of the books are established characters -- in fact, one book is planned as a 100 page 60¢er with reprints from a former comics group.

The staff consists of Jeff Rovin, Bill Dubay, Howie Chaykin, Larry Hama, Walt Simonson, probably Larry Lieber and Archie Goodwin -- and a whole slew of people who are rumored to be interested. Someone was quoted as saying that Seaboard will “change the look of the industry,” and one tends to believe that, just by benefit of being different than the existant groups. We know that the line-up will be exciting as well as surprising, so be here next time -- plans are for the first books to begin appearing sometime this fall.


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