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Smoke & Mirrors Daily Jigsaw Puzzle


Welcome to the Smoke & Mirrors Daily Jigsaw Puzzle, the best Jigsaw Puzzle on the Web. This Jigsaw Puzzle has lots of great features available to you from the pull-down menus. Please take a few moments to read through the information in this help section to ensure that your experience with this Jigsaw Puzzle is trouble-free fun.

Jigsaw Menu

Save Puzzle Progress

This option will save your current progress in assembling the puzzle. Your saved progress will automatically be restored when you reload the puzzle.

Open Preview

Opens a preview of the puzzle. You can move, resize and minimize the preview window.

Show Only Edges

Shows only edge pieces. Select again to show all pieces.

Rotate Pieces

Enable/Disable rotation. When enabled, pieces are randomly rotated when the puzzle is mixed up so you must turn them to the correct orientation before you can connect them to other pieces. Remember that each piece needs to be right-side-up in order to connect to other pieces. Rotate a piece by holding down the shift key while clicking on it. Each [Shift] [Click] rotates a piece by one quarter of a turn clock-wise. Once connected, pieces cannot be rotated and remain in the correct orientation. Puzzles are much more challenging with rotation enabled.

Move Pieces

When selected, the cursor is followed by a large round “broom” which can click and drag several pieces at once. When clicked, pieces grabbed by the broom highlight. The broom only effects loose pieces.

Mix up Puzzle

Select this to mix-up the pieces and play again.

Solve Puzzle

If you get impatient, select Solve Puzzle and the puzzle will assemble itself.

When you complete a puzzle you get a message on the upper right that tells you how long you took to complete the puzzle. It says “Congratulations” if you put the puzzle together all by yourself without using the Solve Puzzle command.

Difficulty Easy, Medium or Hard

Select any one of these settings to control the number of pieces the puzzle breaks into. Easy uses fewer pieces, Hard uses more.

About Jigsaw Puzzle

Select this option for information about the Smoke & Mirrors Jigsaw Puzzle.


Use this menu to select the background for the puzzle.

Other Features

Alt Click on any piece or chunk of connected pieces to move it to the back and reveal any loose pieces or chunks that may be hidden.

Contact Us

I hope you enjoy this Smoke & Mirrors Jigsaw Puzzle. For more information on using this puzzle, troubleshooting any problems or licensing the Smoke & Mirrors Jigsaw Puzzle for your Web site, contact The Smoke & Mirrors Jigsaw Puzzle was created by James A. Collins, ©2004. All Rights Reserved.

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