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Thrilling Adventure Stories#1 Thrilling Adventure Stories#1
  Thrilling Adventure
Stories #1
Thrilling Adventure
Stories #2
  February 1975 August 1975  
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These two issues (in particular the second), are worth the hunt it will take to find them. The first features a Tiger-Man story (a prequel to the series) and several other stories which would have been at home in any Warren title of the time. The first issue includes a beautiful Frank Thorne-illustrated version of "Lawrence of Arabia" and a really tacky, Warren-looking article on the films of Alistair Maclean.

The second issue is probably one of the all-time gems of black and white publishing. Starting with the Neal Adams cover (obscured Warren-style with vapid copy), the issue contains an Archie Goodwin/Walter Simonson samuari story (circa the Manhunter work) and additional pieces by Jack Sparling, Russ Heath, John Severin... and Alex Toth! It also includes a Warren-like article on the Towering Inferno.

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