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  Devilina #1 Devilina #2  
  January 1975 May 1975  
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The only Atlas-Seaboard B&W magazine with a regularly featured character, Devilina is sort of a cross between Vampirella and Marvel's Santana.

The sister of Satan, Devilina is transported through time, along with her mother, from the Biblical "time of the casting out" to modern day New England. There, under the watchful eye of her mother, the infant Devilina grows to womanhood in a mansion guarding "the secret entrance to Hell.

Shortly after arriving at college, Devilina is contacted by Satan, who invites her to join him in ruling Hell. She refuses and is allowed to return home.

Years pass and Devilina pushes family concerns out of her mind as she pursues her studies. After her date to the graduation ball is killed in a fire triggered by Satan, she vows a war of vengeance on her brother.

The rest of the book is an anthology of horror stories featuring women in the lead roles, including a tale of the reanimated mummy of Queen Nefertiri.

Note - Early house ads for the B&W line referred to this title as "Tales of the Sorceress".

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