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Wulf the Barbarian #4
Wulf the Barbarian #4
September 1975
Cover - Jim Craig
Death-Night in the Darkling Forest
Story - Mike Friedrich
Art - Jim Craig and the Atlas Bullpen
Editor - Larry Lieber

Having abandoned his horse in order to steal past the Bryndish border patrols, Wulf now seeks to replace it. He sets his sights on a group of thieves, whose raid on Castle Silverkeep was most profitable.

Wulf's attack is a successful one as he rides off with a horse and, unbeknownst to him, a prize jewel, the Golden Star. The thieves are determined to reclaim the Star and take off after Wulf.

As Wulf approaches a clearing, he does not see a snake-like, fetid, Kill-Demon drain all the blood from a young woman. After the Kill-Demon is satiated, he transforms back to human form. Wulf arrives soon after the transformation is complete.

He recognizes the man as Makhel, Lord Leksakman, the Royal Toymaster when Wulf was but a small child.

As night approaches, they make camp for the evening. They are not alone. The band of thieves has followed Wulf and plan to strike and retrieve the Golden Star. They are wary, however, as they recognize the Kill-Demon in his human form.

Deciding that the creature is weakest in it's human form, the thieves attack. Wulf is able to fight them off and they soon flee.

Later that evening, as Wulf sleeps, Makhel can no longer wait. His blood thirst must be satisfied. He transforms into the Kill-Demon and attacks Wulf. It is only when Wulf is able to drive his sword thru the heart of the creature that it is finally stopped.

Transforming back to his human form, the dying Makhel recounts how Mordek transformed him into the Kill-Demon after he refused to give up the Golden Star, which Mordek somehow feared. As Makhel dies, Wulf vows to avenge him.


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