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Wulf the Barbarian #1
Wulf the Barbarian #1
February 1975
Cover - Larry Hama/Klaus Janson
Wulf the Barbarian
Story - Larry Hama
Art - Larry Hama/Klaus Janson
Editor - Jeff Rovin

As Wulf awaits his flagon of ale at Bashir's Wine Shop, he notices a golden falcon. The falcon triggers a memory of some ten years ago, as a young Prince Wulf accompanied his parents and the Royal Hunting Party.

Without warning, out of the tall grass, the Trolls of Drakenroost attack. A feathered shaft finds it's mark, striking and killing the King, Lord Wulfgar, Thane of Baernholm. With the King dead, Stavro Dar Kovin seizes command.

Hopelessly outnumbered, Queen Lenore orders Stavro to take young Wulf to safety.

As Stavro escapes the carnage, Wulf looks behind him to see his mother being slain by a grinning monstrosity. It is a scene that he will never forget. It is a face that Wulf will come to know as the Grinner.

Many days later, Stavro and Wulf arrive at the city of Azerebaja. With little money, they struggle to survive, with Stavro juggling knives on a street corner and Wulf holding a begging bowl.

Every evening however, Stavro would train Wulf in the ways of combat. Stavro is determined to groom Wulf into a fighting machine.

His thoughts of the past come to an abrupt end when Wulf is informed that three strangers have attacked Stavro. Wulf races back to his home, only to find Stavro dead, along with two of the attackers. The remaining assassin has been wounded, leaving a trail of blood.

Sword in hand, Wulf follows the trail and discovers his worst nightmare. He is face to face with the Grinner, the monstrous troll that killed his mother.

As Wulf attacks, his sword is shattered by the Grinner, who wields the sword of Lord Wulgar, Wulf's father.

The overconfident Grinner, sensing an easy kill, casually begins flipping his sword between his two hands. A lightning fast Wulf grabs the sword and plunges it deep into the heart of the Grinner. He has avenged both his mother and father while facing his greatest nightmare. His greatest task, however, lies ahead, as he sets out to kill the sorcerer Mordek, who was behind the troll attack that killed his parents.


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