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Western Action #1
Western Action #1
February 1975
Cover - Larry Lieber
Kid Cody, Gunfighter - Birth of a Badman
Story - Larry Lieber
Art - Doud Wildey
Editor - Larry Lieber

The Corbett family arrives in the town of Cody, Wyoming, eager to work the farm that was to left to John Corbett by his brother Ed.

Unfortunately, the farm is needed by Cattle Baron Brett Blackwell for the water rights. Deciding to pay the Corbetts a visit in order to "convince them" to sell the farm, threats are exchanged after Corbett refuses to sell the land to Blackwell. His men vow to return to settle the issue.

Meanwhile, John Corbett's son, Tom, strikes up a relationship with former gunslinger and now town drunk, Sam Logan.

In time, Blackwell's men return to the Corbett farm and set their home ablaze. Both John Corbett and his wife, Sarah, are murdered by Blackwell's men.

Young Tom returns to the farm with Sam and discovers his slain parents. Vowing revenge, Sam trains the boy to be a gunfighter. Tom is a fast learner and is soon ready to take his revenge.

Heading back to the town of Cody, Tom takes his revenge on Blackwell with the help of Sam. However, killing Blackwell has set the law on his trail. He is now the fugitive, Kid Cody.

The Comanche Kid - Vengeance Trail
Story - Steve Skeates
Art - Jack Abel/Al Milgrom
Editor - Larry Lieber

The Comanche Kid saves a young boy and his grandfather from a raging blaze set by the Crowley Brothers, who demand their share from cattle sold by the old man. The boy's grandfather dies soon after causing the Comanche Kid to seek out the Crowley Brothers.

Seeing the young boy beside him, alone and afraid, the Kid reflects on how he lost his parents during an Indian attack. The Comaches decided to spare him and raise him as one of their own. In time, he came to accept the Comanche and the hatred left his heart. He became one with the tribe, and son to the Chief. The Comanche gave him the name of White Eagle.

But there came a day that will haunt White Eagle forever. While on a hunt, he hesitates when his Indian brother is attacked by a mountain lion. The hesitation is costly as his brother is forever lost. The Comanche then exile him from the Tribe. He is no longer White Eagle. He is now known as the Comanche Kid

The reflection comes to an end as the Kid confronts the Crowley Brothers at the local saloon. They take the fight out to the streets where one of the Crowleys is killed. The other Crowley escapes, but not before wounding the Kid. He takes shelter at a boarding house, waiting for the remaining Crowley to strike. A well placed arrow and the Crowley Brothers are no more.


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