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Weird Suspense #3
Weird Suspense #3
July 1975
Cover - Rich Buckler
Mind over Matter = Murder
Story - Gary Friedrich
Art - Pat Boyette
Rich Buckler art on Spash page
Editor - Larry Lieber

The office of Count Eugene Lycosa is visited by Abdul Rashad, a poor university student who has mastered the ability to bring life to inanimate objects.

He orders the Count to transfer all funds from accounts held by his father, who had disowned him years ago, to his Swiss Bank accounts. Lycosa refuses, but is quickly convinced when the young student animates a suit of armor and threatens the Count.

Later that evening, the Count is restrained by his servant Crispin, in order to prevent the Tarantula from killing again. The Tarantula is too powerful, however, and escapes his restraints. He targets Eugene Lycosa's secretary as his next victim.

Upon arriving at the home of Natalie Walters, the Tarantula finds she is not alone. Abdul Rashad, unable to contact Lycosa, is seeking information from Natalie as to the Count's whereabouts. A battle ensues as the young Arab animates a statue and nearly strangles the Tarantula. He is saved only when Rashad loses control of the statue when he slips off the fire escape. The Tarantula quickly seizes the advantage and feasts on the now helpless youth.


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