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  Weird Suspense #1 Weird Suspense #2 Weird Suspense #3  
  February 1975 April 1975 July 1975  
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The Dark Ages in Europe finds the soon-to-be-burned-at-the-stake Spider Princess of the Tarantula Cult placing a curse on the male descendants of her captor, Count Lycosa. They will be doomed to wander the countryside in quest of victims to appease their spider's lust ! (whew)

Count Eugene Lycosa, the 11th in line to bear the heinous curse, has vowed to use his tarantula powers for some practical purpose. It is the duty of the Avenging Arachnid to protect the helpless and prey on evil wherever it may flourish. Issue #2 finds the High Priestess back from the grave seeking vengeance against Count Eugene Lycosa, only to again end up on the short end of the battle.

The last issue finds our spider-buddy fighting a turban-topped swami who has the power to control inanimate matter. Peter Parker has nothing to fear from this fly-headed webman.

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