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Vicki #1 Vicki #2 Vicki #3 Vicki #4
February 1975 April 1975 June 1975 August 1975
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We have a teen blonde bombshell and her dark-haired female friend, Tommy the red-haired boyfriend and his dark-haired rival, and a large slow moving character named Tiny. Add them all up, drop them in Centerville, USA and you have Archie... er, Vicki..., Atlas' contribution to the teen scene.

Issue #1 is a 68 pager, but the oddball of the entire Atlas line is probably Vicki #2, the only Atlas square bound comic of all the line's issues ! On top of it all, there is nothing even printed on the spine of this, likely the rarest comic Atlas ever produced.

Once again we have cartoon teen hi jinx set in the high school background of Anywhere, USA. Enjoyable for just about any pony tailed youngster between the ages of 10 and 15.

Note - All issues are reprints of Tower Comics' Tippy Teen. Many characters were slightly redrawn to reflect the more contemporary clothing and hair styles of the day. Tower Comics published 26 issues of Tippy Teen (25 regular issues and 1 Special Collectors Edition) from November 1965 thru October 1969.

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