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Tiger-Man #2
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Tiger-Man #3
September 1975
Cover - Larry Lieber
Hell is Spelled... Hypnos
Story - Gerry Conway
Art - Steve Ditko/Al Milgrom
Editor - Larry Lieber

On his way to his shift at Harlem Hospital, Dr. Lancaster Hill, wearing the costume of Tiger-Man, witnesses an incredible sight. A man pours gasoline over his entire body and sets himself aflame. Tiger-Man is able to extinguish the flames and quickly takes the man to nearby Harlem Hospital.

After taking the suicide victim to the burn unit, Tiger-Man changes to his other identity, that of Dr. Lancaster Hill. He quickly heads back to the burn unit, hoping to assist with the burn victim. The burns, however, are too severe and the patient does not survive. Prior to his death, he utters one word... Hypnos.

Two days later, Tiger-Man is witness to yet another suicide. An elderly woman steps in front of a subway train. Unable to prevent her death, Tiger-Man decides to investigate.

Dr. Hill discovers that the elderly woman, Hannah Markham, was a patient of Dr. Otto Kaufmann, who runs a free psychiatric clinic in midtown. He will pay the doctor a visit in order to find some answers. The visit, however, proves to be waste of time as Dr. Kaufmann proves to be less than cooperative. He refuses to let Dr. Hill examine Hannah Markham's files.

Later that evening, Tiger-Man attempts to stop an out of control automobile. Despite his efforts, the car soon plunges into the deep waters off a bridge. Tiger-Man manages to pull the victim from the car and bring her to the surface. He recognizes the woman at once as she was at the free clinic when Dr. Hill visited Dr. Kaufmann. Deep in shock, she utters the name... Hypnos. It is now time for Tiger-Man to visit Dr. Kaufmann.

Tiger-Man breaks into the free clinic and begins to look thru the patient files. He discovers records of suicide that have happened, and also describe in detail suicides that are due to take place in the future. At that moment Dr. Kaufmann enters the office. He is easily tossed aside by Tiger-Man, but quickly recovers. He then unleashes a psychic ray thru his monocle that hypnotizes Tiger-Man. Hypnos orders Tiger-Man to take his own life by setting himself aflame. Tiger-Man leaves the clinic with the intention of taking his life.

At a nearby gas station, Tiger-Man doses himself with gasoline. Fortunately, he is spotted by two thugs who see him as an easy victim. Still in a trance like state, Tiger-Man is knocked unconscious. He is no longer under the spell of Hypnos.

Tiger-Man returns to the clinic to confront Hypnos.The battle rages to the building rooftop as Tiger-Man manages to evade the psychic blasts of Hypnos. He tears off the monocle and turns it on Hypnos. Hypnotized by the ray, Hypnos realizes that death is the only answer and leaps off the building.


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