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Tiger-Man #2
Tiger-Man #2
June 1975
Cover - Frank Thorne
Stalker in a Concrete Jungle
Story - Gerry Conway
Art - Steve Ditko
Editor - Larry Lieber

Stalking the streets of New York, Tiger-Man encounters a trio of high-tech crooks. After the crooks lay waste to the police, Tiger-Man springs into action. After rendering the first two thugs unconscious, he interrogates the third and discovers who supplied them with the high-tech suits of armor, a Professor Anderson Hobart.

As Tiger-Man leaves the crime scene, he is not alone. He is suddenly attacked. The Blue Leopard appears to have all the strength and agility that Tiger-Man has.

The Blue Leopard is seeking vengeance against Dr. Lancaster Hill for sins against his people. Tiger-Man suddenly staggers, and is overcome by weakness. He has been drugged. This time the drug on the claws of the Blue Leopard only put Tiger-Man to sleep. The next time, the drug will kill.

Tiger-Man awakes hours later on a building rooftop. He suddenly realizes that his alter-ego, Dr. Lancaster Hill, has a 12 o'clock call at the hospital. He spends most of the day trying to figure out the mystery of the Blue Leopard.

Later that evening, Tiger-Man once again prowls the city streets. He is going to pay a visit to Professor Anderson Hobart. Upon entering the Professor's office, he finds him dead, slain by the Blue Leopard, who overheard the dialogue with Hobart's henchmen last night. All evidence points toward Tiger-Man killing Professor Hobart.

The Blue Leopard then recounts how he was sent to claim vengeance by Na' Bantu, the witch doctor of the village in Zambia. He felt that Dr. Hill was responsible for the death of over 200 villagers, by starvation, which began only a month after Dr.Hill left the tribe.

With the casting of a spell and a sacred leopard skin, the Blue Leopard is born. He is promptly sent to America to exact vengeance against Dr. Hill.

His claws laced with lethal poison, the Blue Leopard attacks. Tiger-Man evades his lethal touch as the battle rages on. The struggle comes to an abrupt end when the sound of police sirens causes the Blue Leopard to flee. Tiger-Man is left to ponder when the Blue Leopard will strike again.


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