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Tiger-Man #1
Tiger-Man #1
April 1975
Cover - Ernie Colon
Story - Gabe Levy
Art - Ernie Colon
Editor - Jeff Rovin

While serving a two-year internship at a clinic in Zambia, Dr. Lancaster Hill has isolated the chromosome that makes the tiger such a powerful and formidable creature.

Eager to see the results of his work, he injects himself with the tiger chromosome. He soon discovers that he the strength and agility of a tiger.

His internship at an end, Dr. Hill returns to the states. He is greeted by his sister, Anna. After dropping her brother off at a downtown hotel, Anna heads home. Upon her arrival, she is greeted by two thugs who proceed to rob and murder her.

The tragic event causes Dr. Hill to don the costume given to him by Chief Jnuka as he left Zambia. He vows to use his tiger powers to avenge his sister.

His cat-like senses allow him to track the two thugs that killed his sister to a rodeo. He follows the two to a nearby bar and confronts them. They are no match for the ferocity of Tiger-Man as he takes his revenge, slaying the two men that murdered his sister.


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