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Targitt #3
Targitt #3
July 1975
Cover - Rich Buckler
John Targitt... Manstalker
Story - Gerry Conway/Ric Myers
Art - Howard Nostrand
Editor - Larry Lieber

Gunfire is blasting down from the 4th floor of a Manhattan office building. Targitt fights his way thru the office in search of Ralph Taubach. Taubach makes his way behind a steel door that Targitt, despite his best efforts, is unable to open.

Suddenly, the door opens from within. As Targitt enters the room, he is overcome by a noxious gas. Unbeknownst to him, this is Targitt's first encounter with Professor Death.

The next day, Targitt, recovered from the gas attack, trails Taubach to a sleazy Greenwich Village Diner. During the interrogation, he discovers that Professor Death is the one who tried to kill him last night. The interrogation is cut short as a shot of cyanide from Taubach's tie clasp knocks Targitt unconscious. Taubach does not fare well either, as he is knocked out with a frying pan by an FBI Agent posing as a waitress.

As Targitt awakens, he is joined by his FBI boss Carl and two field agents. He then learns of the origin of Professor Death.

Professor Hannibal Burns was conducting experiments with a nerve gas known as DETHX-13. A beaker of DETHX-13 and another highly volatile compound were accidentally knocked to the ground, resulting in an explosion. Burns survived, but was changed both physically and mentally. He has since surfaced as the head of a rapidly growing crime ring. He has renamed DETHX-13 gas DEATH-13.

Targitt's assignment is to capture Professor Death. Ralph Taubach, seeing the error of his ways, has told the FBI where Professor Death is located.

With 54% of the underworld under his control, Professor Death seeks to gain control over the remaining 46%.

Targitt makes his way to a boat basin on Manhattan's Upper West Side.

Professor Death is waiting for him, however and Targitt has no choice but to surrender.

Professor Death offer's to make Targitt a partner in his crime empire, which Targitt quickly refuses. He escapes from his restraints and grabs a Death Skull containing the DEATH-13 gas. As the gas permeates the ship, Targitt escapes into the harbor, triggering an explosion that destroys the boat and Professor Death with it.


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