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Targitt #2
Targitt #2
June 1975
Cover - Frank Thorne
A Crude Awakening
Story - Gabe Levy/Ric Myers
Art - Howard Nostrand
Editor - Jeff Rovin

Traveling from Boston to New York via train, Targitt discovers that the Mob has put a contract out on him. They vow that he will not get off the train alive.

As the train approaches it's destination, Targitt spots a parade of hired guns looking to collect the $200,000 bounty on his head. A chase ensues thru the railroad car and Targitt is soon forced off the train and into the tunnel. He makes his way down the tunnel and hides in the darkness until his attackers approach. He opens fire and eliminates two of the hitmen. An approaching train dispatches the other two.

Targitt immediately heads for the FBI building intent on quitting. He feels that the Mob thinks more of him than his own organization. He is shocked, however, when he fired as soon as he enters the office of his boss, Carl.

Alone and without a weapon, he visits his former partner, Hunch, who owns an antiques arm store. Targitt is shocked to find his FBI boss, Carl, who fired him not more than an hour ago, at the store. The firing was a ruse in order to satisfy top brass, who find Targitt's publicity seeking antics unacceptable. From now on, he is to work undercover as a covert agent. His first assignment is in Alaska. Someone is trying to destroy the Alaskan Pipeline.

As Targitt arrives in Alaska, he is greeted by a massive explosion. Momentarily knocked unconscious, he recovers and tracks down the two men who initiated the blast. After dispatching of the first thug, the second man reveals that the Arabs wish to impede the progress of the Alaskan Pipeline, creating an oil shortage, which will allow the Arabs to raise oil prices. Nexico-Amerulf Corp. is behind these actions.

Targitt immediately heads for Nexico-Amerulf and is joined by another FBI agent, Jackie, who is working undercover. A fierce gun battle ensues, which results in Targitt eliminating the Arab threat to the Pipeline.


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