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Targitt #1
Targitt #1
March 1975
Cover - Dick Giordano
Boston Tea Party
Story - Ric Myers
Art - Howard Nostrand
Editor - Jeff Rovin

John Targitt, Special Agent for the FBI, sees his wife and child off on a short vacation. The plane is barely airborne when it explodes, bursting into flames and killing everyone aboard.

Mob Boss Bert Manetti was aboard the plane, and someone wanted him eliminated. At the crash site, Targitt finds the remains of a Boston newspaper that was used to pad the bomb. Targitt is off to Boston to avenge his wife and daughter.

As Targitt leaves the airport, an attempt is made on his life. Foiling the assassin, he discovers who is responsible for the bombing of the plane.

His information leads him to a Boston University dormitory, where he makes quick work of the man who killed his family. By eliminating Manetti, he had hoped to become drug czar of Boston. Before leaving the apartment, he discovers a list of mob contacts.

Targitt makes his way to Haymarket Square, where several mob hit men attempt to eliminate him. The FBI arrives at the scene and a massive gun battle ensues.

After overcoming the mob assassins, Targitt uncovers documents concerning a large drug shipment due to arrive at the Mystic Seaport in Connecticut.

Defying his FBI boss Carl, he heads for the Mystic Seaport. He battles his way aboard the vessel containing the drug shipment.

As a helicopter tries to make a getaway with the drug shipment, Targitt unleashes a barrage of machine gun fire, destroying the helicopter and the drugs within.


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