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Tales of Evil #3
Tales of Evil #3
July 1975
Cover - Rich Buckler
The Man Monster
Story - Gary Friedrich
Art - Rich Buckler/Mike Vosburg
Plotted by Tony Isabella and Rich Buckler
Editor - Larry Lieber

Former Olympic swimming champion Paul Sanders is entertaining two female reporters from Women's Lib Magazine. On his way to his father's oil well, Paul decides to flash his Olympic form as he swims the remaining distance to the oil rig.

As a weary Paul Sanders nears his objective, the drill bit strikes some inexplicable cavity in the ocean floor, unleashing a bacterial force that is headed right for Paul. The bacteria engulfs him as it heads toward the ocean bottom. The bacteria soon releases it's grip on him as an unconscious Paul Sanders is thrust to the surface.

As he awakens, he begins to change. His body is covered by red scales. He is transformed into a hideous creature, half-man, half-monster... a Man-Monster. He quickly collapses, however, and the two reporters take him back to their nearby apartment. A hot shower later, and the Man-Monster reverts back to a human Paul Sanders.

Later that evening, a sleeping Paul Sanders has a visitor, an old friend known as Hellblazer. He offers to bankrupt Paul's wealthy father, and makes then both rich in the process. While there is no love lost between Paul and his father, he refuses to aid Hellblazer. He is immediately fired upon by Hellblazer.

The searing ray once again converts Paul into the Man-Monster. The apartment ablaze, Hellblazer and the Man-Monster do battle. Hellblazer, backed up against the balcony, flies to safety. The Man-Monster returns to the apartment and rescues the female reporter from the blaze. As he reaches the street, his father insists that the police give the order to shoot to kill.

The Bog Beast
Story - Gabe Levy
Art - Romero
Editor - Larry Lieber

The Bog Beast arrives at the Mt. Palomar observatory. His curiosity piqued, he decides to investigate. Inside the observatory, he finds all the humans dead. The sound of police sirens cause him to flee.

The next day, The Bog Beast finds an unconscious women, wearing the same uniform as those he found dead at the observatory. He picks up the injured woman and attempts to find medical care for her.

Later in the day, the Bog Beast stops to rest with his female companion as night falls.

As the Bog Beast rests, the woman transforms into a she-wolf and attacks. The Bog Beast manages to evade her attack and she plummets off the edge of the cliff.

The police however, discover a human body at the base of the cliff. They begin to fire at the Bog Beast, who loses his balance and falls off the cliff's edge. He survives the fall, but is captured by the police.


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