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Tales of Evil #2
Tales of Evil #2
April 1975
Cover - Larry Lieber
The Bog Beast - The Fifty Dollar Body
Story - John Albano
Art - Jack Sparling
Editor - Larry Lieber

He has traveled far from within the dark and mysterious regions of the planets depths until finally emerging in the center of the La Brea Tar Pits. He is the Bog Beast and his mission is to explore and study the surface world above.

The Bog Beast's first encounter with mankind occurs in a deserted farmhouse. Two fugitives from the law, Ralph and Judy, seek to take refuge in the farmhouse. Ralph has been shot by the police. The Bog Beast attempts to communicate with them and administer aid to Ralph. His monstrous appearance causes Judy to fire at him but to no avail. The Bog Beast succeeds in wrapping a tourniquet around the man's injured leg.

At that moment, the police break in and attempt to apprehend the fugitives. Thinking the couple unjustly under attack, The Bog Beast decimates the four policeman. The two criminals take leave of the farmhouse with the Bog Beast joining them.

Ralph, thankful that the Bog Beast aided him, attempts to communicate with him. Judy, however, has other thoughts.

After the three make camp, Judy heads for a nearby carnival. She succeeds in selling the Bog Beast to the carnival as a sideshow attraction.

It takes six strong men, armed with a net and heavy chain, to subdue the Bog Beast. Ralph, who slept thru the commotion, is furious when he learns that Judy sold the creature to the carnival. As he heads to the carnival to rescue the Bog Beast, he is shot by Judy. Badly wounded, he succeeds in reaching the carnival and releases the Bog Beast from his prison. Ralph then dies shortly after his friend has been freed.

The Bog Beast, sensing that the woman Judy is responsible for Ralph's death, heads out after her. Judy, however, is also dead, striking her head against a rock while fleeing from the camp.

The Last Train
Story - Russ Jones
Art - Jerry Grandenetti
Editor - Larry Lieber

It is a bitterly cold New England night. Anxious to get back to New York, you head down to the Boston Subway.

The train finally arrives and you take a seat. You notice that every one sitting in the train has a white, death-like appearance. You clear your throat and attempt to speak to the man next to you. He does not respond. Fear and terror grips you.

You get up off your seat and notice that the train has missed your stop. You rush forward to speak to the conductor. He too, has the look of death about him. He tells you, No Stops! In blind panic, you run wildly thru the train, finally reaching the last car.

You must get off the train. You pull the emergency cord as the train approaches the next station. As you do, the passengers rise from their seats and begin to shamble toward you. They are too slow, however, as you run thru the now open train doors.

You run wildly on the ice covered streets. You hear the train pull out of the station. You run until you think your heart will explode. You don't see the truck, a truck that cannot stop in time, a truck that takes your life.

You are now back on the train, only now you utter no words, you voice no complaints. You just sit silently and ride for all eternity.


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