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Tales of Evil #1
Tales of Evil #1
February 1975
Cover - Larry Lieber
Spawn of the Devil
Story - Russ Jones
Art - Jerry Grandenetti
Editor - Larry Lieber

Bruno has escaped from the sanitarium once again. Making his way to Stonehenge, he manages to transfer the life essence of the devil into an innocent doll like figure. He is soon recaptured by the sanitarium guards and led back to his padded cell. The doll, however, remains behind.

Later the next day, a little girl, Anna, discovers the doll. She is instantly possessed and must follow the dolls orders.

As the days pass, Anna begins to change. Obeying the dolls every command, Anna takes over the servants quarters, painting a pentagram symbol of black magic on the floor. She has also taken to sacrificing small animals. Her mother, who has noticed the change in her, has her examined by a doctor, who has suggested further testing.

Her mother soon discovers Anna performing an animal sacrifice. Having witnessed the forbidden, Anna kills her mother.

Anna's father soon arrives home and discovers his dead wife. The demon, no longer content to take the form of a doll, explodes from Anna's body and leaves the house as it bursts into flames.

The police find Anna's father, out of his mind, babbling madness about the devil.

He is sentenced to spend the rest of his days in the sanitarium, with his cell mate Bruno, who triggered the entire chain of events.

A Matter of Breeding
Story - Russ Jones
Art - Mike Sekowsky
Editor - Larry Lieber

The hairpiece business owned by Irene Waring and her partner Andre Morau was failing badly. Andre no longer has the funding to continue his radical experiments for hair growth.

It is at that moment that Chester Potter enters the store. He wants hair, something that cannot be removed. He is willing to pay any price. The trio strike a deal and become partners. Chester is to return the next day with the funding for Andre's experiments.

Andre heads for his lab to pick up the tablets made from wolf hormones. His testing phase will begin tomorrow, on Chester.

The next evening, Chester takes the pills as prescribed. He wakes up the next day with a headache, and a full head of hair. He is overjoyed.

Four days later, however, the pills have a monstrous effect on Chester. They change him into a savage werewolf. His only instinct is to kill.

He makes his way to the hair shop to hear Andre and Irene discuss the secrets of the hair growth pills. A devastated Chester, whose trust was betrayed, slays both Andre and Irene, then takes his own life.

Stake Out
Story - Jack Younger (Russ Jones)
Art - Jerry Grandenetti
Editor - Larry Lieber

It started as a wager between two rivals, Stan, who was rich, and Phil, who was barely getting by as an expert on the occult. Stan will give Phil $1000 to spend a night in a cemetery, a cemetery that is home to the Cobbs Hill vampire.

The night is cold and bitter as Phil makes his way to thru the cemetery He loses the grip on his bag, a bag that holds a crucifix, mallet and a sharpened stake. All the tools required to kill a vampire.

He heads down the steps into a series of dark catacombs. He manages to locate his bag. The sight of rats, a mass of cob webs and rotting skulls force him to flee in terror.

Phil sees something as he is about to exit the catacombs. It must be the Cobbs Hill vampire. He reaches for the stake and drives it deep into the creatures heart.

Phil is not aware of all the people around him, or the movie lights that flood the catacombs. He is not even aware that it is an innocent man he has just murdered.

As he is driven away in a police car, he notices but one thing. A thin man, looking down at him, with a mocking smile and 2 razor sharp fangs... a vampire.


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