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Tales of Evil #1 Tales of Evil #2 Tales of Evil #3
  Tales of Evil #1 Tales of Evil #2 Tales of Evil #3  
  February 1975 May 1975 July 1975  
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A horror anthology series with no regularly featured characters, Tales of Evil included stories of a demon conjuror, a werewolf, and a vampire in it's inaugural issue. The second issue starred the Bog Beast, backed up with a ghost story and another werewolf story.

The final issue stars The Man-Monster, a conceited playboy mutated into an amphibious form by an unknown substance unearthed by an offshore oil rig. The Man-Monster, incidentally, battles a costumed villain named Hell-Blazer. The story concludes with the note "to be continued in the first exciting issue of the Man-Monster". Also appearing in this issue is a second tale of the Bog Beast.

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