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The Scorpion #3
The Scorpion #3
July 1975
Cover - Jim Craig
Night of the Golden Fuhrer
Story - Gabe Levy
Art - Jim Craig
Editor - Larry Lieber

As Rabbi Raphael Akibah and his daughter, Sara, are sitting down for an early Sabbath dinner, their home is invaded by men in Gestapo uniforms, bearing the swastika. The Rabbi is forced into a waiting limousine where he meets the Golden Fuhrer. The Rabbi has been selected to aid in the rise of the 4th Reich.

He is taken 1800 feet below the World Trade Center, where the Nazis have developed a sewage to energy converter. The sub-basement also holds the organically preserved bodies of fallen Nazi leaders encased in glass enclosed vacuum tubes. The Golden Fuhrer wants the Rabbi to raise the Nazi leaders from the grave.

After her father is kidnapped, Sara seeks out her employer David Harper, publisher of the Daily Times, for help. While David is skeptical of the story he decides to investigate. David advises Sara to go home and he will keep her informed of his progress. David assumes his identity of the Scorpion and attempts to seek out the rabbi.

As Sara is about to enter her apartment, she is taken hostage by the Nazis, who will use her as an incentive to get the Rabbi to cooperate.

The Rabbi has no powers to raise the dead. He does however, have the power to raise the Golem, a massive clay figure with but one purpose - to stifle the ugly fire of persecution. Deep within the Rabbi's cellar, the Golem awakes.

The Scorpion, checking up on Sara, encounters the Golem as he smashes free of the Rabbi's apartment. Attempting to stop the creature proves fruitless. Staring into the creature's eyes, he sees a vision of Sara and her father held hostage below the World Trade Center. He decides to follow the Golem to the Nazi stronghold.

The creature soon reaches his destination and proceeds to decimate the Nazi horde. The Rabbi, possessed of Mystical power, is controlling the Golem. After crushing the Golden Fuhrer, the Golem strikes at the sewage tanks and a wall of water and sewage engulfs the sub-basement. The Scorpion manages to grab Sara and the Rabbi and take them to safety. The Scorpion is left to ponder how Nazi hatred could survive in 1975.


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