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The Scorpion #2
The Scorpion #2
April 1975
Cover - Ernie Colon
The Devil Doll Commission
Story - Howard Chaykin
Art - Howard Chaykin
Note - art assist by Bernie Wrightson, Michael Kaluta, Walt Simonson and Ed Davis>
Editor - Jeff Rovin

Jules Reinhardt, Chicago financier, has disappeared. Five days after a mysterious phone call, terrified and muttering something about black magic and voodoo, Mr. Reinhardt left his home and has yet to return. Mrs. Reinhardt wants her husband found. The Scorpion agrees to do so.

After meeting with Mrs. Reinhardt, the Scorpion learns that Max Cervantes is somehow involved in Mr. Reinhardt's disappearance. Max Cervantes, however, died 8 years ago in a plane wreck.

The Scorpion's investigation leads him to one unmistakable conclusion, that Max Cervantes is still alive. He heads to the Skylight Room, a former speakeasy once owned by Max.

It is there that the Scorpion finds the lifeless body of Jules Reinhardt, only to be told that Jules Reinhardt is, indeed, Max Cervantes. Cervantes faked his death 8 years ago and changed his face, taking the identity of Jules Reinhardt.

After changing identities, Max skipped out on his partner, Buddy Lyle. There had been rumblings that Lyle had suspicions about Reinhardt, causing Reinhardt to grab his bank books and hide out. He was murdered using a voodoo doll and his bank books are missing.

Buddy Lyle now has the bank books, but they are of no value to him. Mrs. Reinhardt must sign off, in person, in order to withdraw any funds. He plots to kidnap Mrs. Reinhardt in order to empty the off-shore accounts. In addition, he tells his associate to dispose of the voodoo lady, Ol Rose. It was her voodoo magic that helped to kill Jules Reinhardt. He does as he is told, but not before the old woman casts two hexes on Buddy Lyle, insuring his death.

The Scorpion confronts Lyle and his henchmen at the Manhattan Sky Port. Lyle has taken the Scorpion's assistant, Ruby, hostage, mistaking her for Mrs. Reinhardt.

As the Scorpion battles Lyle and his henchman, the first hex begins to unfold. Lyle's pet cat, Caesar, is transformed into a man-eating lion. It strikes at Lyle and kills him instantly. The threat is ended when the Scorpion kills the beast in a hail of machine gun fire.

Thinking the threat has ended, ruby informs the Scorpion that Jules Reinhardt's body has vanished from the funeral parlor. The second hex has taken form. The Scorpion heads to the Reinhardt home to find the zombie like body of Jules Reinhardt, attempting to kill his wife. Striking the creature again and again has no effect, so the Scorpion must resort to drastic measures. He unleashes a grenade and grabbing Mrs. Reinhardt, jumps from the balcony as the grenade obliterates Jules Reinhardt.


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