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Savage Combat Tales #3
Savage Combat Tales #3
July 1975
Cover - Rich Buckler
Sgt. Stryker's Death Squad - Kill Rommel
Story - Archie Goodwin
Art - Al McWilliams
Editor - Larry Lieber

Sgt. Stryker and his Death Squad, four pardoned criminals, have been given a new assignment. They are to meet with a French spy who will guide them in a one in a thousand mission to kill Rommel.

The Germans have hidden the Desert Fox i a bunker that is currently under heavy fire by the Allies. Rommel has taken ill, and Hitler has recalled him to Europe. This action has drawn the ire of Colonel Von Straub, who resents Rommel's special treatment.

The Death Squad, meanwhile, has rendezvoused with their French contact. They quickly commandeer a German tank, the last in a long convoy, by plugging the exhaust, forcing the tank passengers to seek air.

The commandeered tank soon rejoins the convoy. It is now being manned by Stryker and his men. As they approach the German camp, the tank fires and the Death Squad attacks, catching the Germans by surprise.

Colonel Von Straub senses an opportunity while the attack is underway. He kills several guards that are protecting Rommel while working his way into the bunker. He plans to kill Rommel, in hopes that the German army will be run by those who should run it.

The Squad soon breaks thru the bunker, and the Frenchman, Morane, has his sights set on Rommel. He breaks thru the bunker and throws his knife, which finds it's target, but not before machine gun fire fatally wounds him. He dies thinking he has killed the Desert Fox.

However, he has not. He has killed Von Straub, who reached the bunker only to find it empty as Rommel had been airlifted to safety moments before.

Dead Man's Ridge
Story - ?
Art - Jack Sparling
Editor - Larry Lieber

Private Kenneth Hill, a 19 years old green draftee, has been assigned to Dog Command in the Solomon Islands. As a new soldier, he is assigned to Private Buford Ramm.

Ramm relays the tale of the nearby Dead Man's Ridge to Hill. Three patrols have been sent up to secure the ridge and none have returned.

The captain, not wanting risk another patrol, decides to send Ramm and Hill to secure the ridge.

As they make the trip to Dead Man's Ridge, Ramm recounts the tale of how his family was killed in the Philippines while working as servants for an army officer stationed there. Ramm saved the officer after the Japanese attack, and the officer offered Ramm anything he wanted. Ramm wanted to be involved in the fighting, so he could avenge his family.

As they approach the ridge, they find it littered with bodies, both American and Japanese. They proceed to make their way up the ridge, and position themselves by the cliff, machine gun in hand.

As night falls, the two men find themselves under attack. The Japanese had feigned death and waited until the cover of nightfall to attack.

Ramm, however, was on to their ruse and prepared for the attack. Together they destroy the Japanese soldiers and secure Dead Man's Ridge.


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