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Savage Combat Tales #2
Savage Combat Tales #2
April 1975
Cover - Larry Lieber
Sgt. Stryker's Death Squad - Hellride
Story - Archie Goodwin
Art - Al McWilliams
Editor - Larry Lieber

Sgt. Stryker has shot down a German fighter that was firing at an American plane. The plane soon lands safely and it's passengers, General "Wild Bill" Wright, Commander of the sector and his aide Captain Ordway, are greeted by Stryker and his Squad.

The recon mission that the General has undertaken has yielded pictures that will help crush the Germans in Africa. They must return to the General's headquarters as soon as possible. Stryker's men are given the extra incentive of pardons if they can get the General back safely.

After assembling a make-shift vehicle, they set out across the desert. Several hours into their journey, the vehicle radiator is leaking badly and requires water. They head for a nearby oasis, an oasis that is already occupied by the Germans.

Spotting the Germans at the oasis, the Death Squad leaves the vehicle and circles the oasis, catching the Germans by surprise.

After evading the German tanks and obtaining the water they require, they leave the oasis with the Germans in hot pursuit.

They manage to destroy the German tank by burying gas canisters in the road and igniting them with a fiery tracer. The Death Squad dispose of the remaining Germans, ensuring General Wright safe passage to American Headquarters.

Chennault Must Die
Story - Archie Goodwin
Art - Alex Toth
Editor - Larry Lieber

On his way back to base Mingaladon, A.V.G. Flying Tiger Dixie D.X. Lawler is under attack by four zeroes, cutting off his return to the base.

Out of nowhere a black P-40 appears and attacks the Japanese planes. After drawing the other planes away, the Flying Tiger's engine begins to sputter. The fuel injection unit is shot. Looking for a space to land, he spots a clearing in the jungle, just long enough for him to land his plane.

The landing strip, however, was created by the Japanese. As soon as Lawler exits his craft, he becomes a prisoner of war.

He soon learns that the Japanese plan to load his plane with explosives and use it as a missile to kill A.V.G. Chief Colonel Claire Lee Chennault. Lawler attempts to escape in hopes of stopping the suicide attack. As he does so, the Japanese camp is attacked by Warhawk, the pilot who saved Lawler from the four Japanese zeroes.

As the battle ensues, the Japanese suicide plane takes off, with Chennault as it's target.

As Warhawk and his forces head for cover, the Japanese destroy their base by setting off their own fuel and explosive reserves.

Unable to radio the base, Warhawk leaps into action. As the suicide plane heads toward the Field Operations Shack, Warhawk blows the plane out of the sky, ending the threat to Colonel Chennault.


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