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Savage Combat Tales #1
Savage Combat Tales #1
February 1975
Cover - Al McWilliams
Sgt. Stryker's Death Squad - Reborn in Battle
Story - Archie Goodwin
Art - Al McWilliams
Editor - Larry Lieber

Ben Stryker and Andy Kenton barely escape with their lives as German JU-88 Dive Bombers, better known as Stukes, decimate a command post housing their Lieutenant and four prisoners, who were locked in the buildings cellar.

Locating Sgt. Bloom, they learn that if the Germans take this town, they will be in position to decimate any units pulling back from the front.

As the Germans attack, Ben Stryker is torn. An excellent marksman, he was taught to respect human life and finds himself unable to fire at the enemy.

Stryker finds himself thrown into command when Sgt. Bloom is shot and killed. His close friend Andy, his girl friends brother, is also killed by a tank that is decimating the town. If the town is to be salvaged, the tank must be destroyed.

While back tracking to the ruins of the Command Post, Stryker hears voice's coming from the building's cellar. The four prisoners have survived. Buried under rubble, Stryker frees the four men who quickly agree to help Stryker destroy the German tank.

The five men overcome and capture the tank and turn it on the Germans. During the battle, Stryker is forced to kill a man. The four men who started the day as jailbirds are now heroes. The Death Squad is born.

Story - Archie Goodwin
Art - Jack Sparling
Editor - Larry Lieber

Four Flying Tigers patrol the sky over China, battling the Japanese Mitsubishi KI-21's. To three of the Flying Tigers, they are enemies to be stopped. To the fourth, they are nothing but bounty.

Pilot Wade Jessup has but one interest, to collect the $500 bounty that the Chinese offer for each downed Japanese plane. The Chinese, however, must find the wreckage or the bounty will not be paid.

His recklessness and selfish attitude has cost the Flying Tigers a plane. A valuable commodity when the Flying Tigers have only 50 operational at any one time.

The next day brings another mission, and Jessup is warned not to follow any downed enemy aircraft. On this day, however, it is Jessup's plane that is shot down over mainland China.

As he parachutes to safety, he is quickly gunned down by 3 Chinese men, men that Jessup thought to be allies. They take his Flying Tiger jacket as proof to collect the 500 Yen bounty that the Japanese have for Flying Tiger pilots.


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