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Police Action #2
Police Action #3
June 1975
Cover - Frank Thorne
Lomax, NYPD - ...One Hot Dog With Murder, Please
Story - Gary Friedrich
Art - Mike Sekowsky/Al McWilliams
Editor - Larry Lieber

As Sam Lomax enjoys a hotdog at his favorite stand, Maxie's, two men come running out of the nearby bank, guns blazing. Lomax takes out one of the gunmen and chases the other thru Central Park. After a long chase, he guns down the suspect and heads back to the crime scene.

When he returns, the hot dog vendor, Maxie, informs Lomax that a cop was gunned down while Lomax gave chase to the bank robber. Lomax is despondent, thinking that if he had stayed at the crime scene, the officer would still be alive.

The next day brings news of another cop killing. This one also occurred outside of Maxie's Hot Dog Stand. Maxie is now a prime suspect.

Later that evening, Lomax pays Maxie a visit, hoping to gather some information on the case. He discovers that Maxie's son was killed years ago by the police while committing a crime.

The Mob is paying Maxie to kill cops, and they give him one more assignment - kill Lomax. Maxie is torn, but he must carry out the order.

The next day, Lomax visits Maxie at the Hot Dog Stand. He confronts Maxie, who pulls a gun on Lomax and fires. The gun, however, has no bullets. They were removed by Lomax when he visited Maxie's apartment.

Maxie attempts to flee, but a Mob car runs him down. Lomax opens fire on the car and it explodes in a ball of flame.

Luke Malone, Manhunter - Whatever Happened to Luke Malone?
Story - Gary Friedrich
Art - Mike Ploog/Frank Springer
Editor - Larry Lieber

Luke Malone heads out for a 25 dollar job as a security guard at a rock concert. He is assigned to guard the box office.

Just before the concert, the headliner, Sally Spider, fires his manager, who is now demanding 25 percent of the action.

As the concert is about to begin, Malone receives a mysterious phone call. He must see Sally Spider before the concert begins. Spider's bodyguard provides little resistance to Malone, who gets to the dressing room to late to confront Spider, but does find an important document. He heads back to the box office, where he finds it being robbed, as he suspected.

Malone takes out two of the crooks and interrogates the 3rd, learning who is behind the heist.

Malone heads for the stage to arrest Sally Spider, who plotted to rob his own box office. Malone was tipped off by Spider's manager, who knew that Spider had run up a huge debt in Vegas. Malone discovered a threatening note in Spider's Dressing room from big shots in Vegas, sealing Spider's fate.


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