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Police Action #2
Police Action #2
April 1975
Cover - Larry Lieber
Lomax, NYPD - ...Taxi 2147 is Missing
Story - Gary Friedrich
Art - Mike Sekowsky/Al McWilliams
Editor - Larry Lieber

Taxi 2147 has been hijacked. The cab and it's 3 passengers have been taken hostage. The hijacker has taken the cab to La Guardia Airport and parked the vehicle smack in the middle of the airport's main strip. The hijacker demands 10 million dollars and a plane to South America for the safe return of the hostages.

While the Mayor and the Police Commissioner confer on the matter, Lomax leaps into action. Against orders, Lomax moves in on the hijacker. Approaching the cab, he threatens to blow the hijacker's head off if he does not surrender. The hijacker, thinking quickly, grabs a young woman from the back seat and uses her as a human shield. Lomax has no choice but to back off.

The young woman, however, takes matters into her own hands and throws an elbow to the head of the hijacker, momentarily dazing him. That is the opening that Lomax needs, and he quickly puts an end to the standoff.

Luke Malone, Manhunter - Whatever Happened to Luke Malone?
Story - Gary Friedrich
Art - Mike Ploog/Frank Springer
Editor - Larry Lieber

The 1st City Bank of San Francisco is under siege by four gunmen. Unless the police agree to let the criminals escape via airplane in the next 10 minutes, they will start killing hostages.

With time running out, Lt. Malone must make a decision. He can not wait any longer for his Captain to arrive. He gives the order to rush the bank. They take out the first two bank robbers as they make their way into the bank.

Lt. Malone is shocked to find that his wife, Mary, is being held hostage by one of the gunmen. He orders his men to hold their fire. As the criminal makes his way out of the bank, with Malone's wife in tow, a sharpshooter takes aim. His aim is true as his shot strikes and kills the gunmen, but not before his gun goes off, killing Mary Malone.

A devastated Luke Malone is thrown off the force and becomes an alcoholic. He has hit rock bottom.

His close friend on the force, Joe Wong, visits Malone and proceeds to beat some sense into him. He informs Malone that the 4th gunmen at the bank, the individual who planned and bankrolled the robbery, is still at large. Wong urges Malone to get a Private Investigators License and track down the individual.

At that moment, gunfire rings out, and Joe Wong is dead. The car crashes into the guard rail as the assassin approaches. Malone, battered and bruised, but still alive, grabs Joe's gun and kills the gunman. Luke Malone, Manhunter is born.


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