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Police Action #1
Police Action #1
February 1975
Cover - Larry Lieber
Sam Lomax, NYPD
Story - Jack Younger(Russ Jones)
Art - Mike Sekowsky/Al McWilliams
Editor - Larry Lieber

Midnight... a lone figure strolls from the elevator to a waiting automobile. He enters the car, turns on the ignition, and is promptly blown to bits.

Sam Lomax of the NYPD arrives on the scene. The car belonged to Sgt. Steve Brooks, an old friend. Lomax is assigned to the case.

After checking Brook's rap book, he learns that Sgt. Brooks has been investigating George Vincent, a local mobster that the local police have been trying to put away for years. Lomax decides to pay a visit to one of Vincent's clubs.

At the Club A Go-Go, Lomax encounters Steve's girl, Bobbi and several of Vincent's goons. After a rude reception, Bobbi leads Lomax to see Vincent. He roughs up Vincent, but does not get the answers that he is looking for.

The next day Lomax decides to pay Bobbi another visit. Lomax feels that she knows more than she is letting on. Lomax enters her apartment and finds Vincent's men roughing up Bobbi. After overcoming the thugs and having them arrested, Lomax feigns leaving the apartment and slides out of view in an adjoining room.

He overhears Bobbi speaking to someone. Arrangements are made for a flight to leave the country.

Lomax follows Bobbi to the local airport. He then finds Sgt. Steve Brooks, alive and well. Brooks and Bobbi are about to make off with Vincent's money.

Lomax takes a bullet in the shoulder from his old friend as the couple escapes. As they are about to board the plane they encounter George Vincent, who promptly shoots and kills Brooks. Lomax, in quick pursuit, takes out Vincent and his men, ending the threat.

Luke Malone, Manhunter - Reqiem for a Champ
Story - Mike Ploog
Art - Mike Ploog/Frank Springer
Editor - Larry Lieber

The Little Champ has been gunned down by machine gun fire. Luke Malone, Private Investigator, is keen to know why someone would gun down a derelict.

Malone is off to see Annie, the Little Champs lady, and break the bad news to her. He finds her home being randsacked by two thugs. He is cracked over the head and knocked unconscious.

When he comes to, he learns from Annie that the Little Champ was the Light Weight Boxing Champion in 1940. He was known as Rand McNally. His manager was Sam Ruffino, a mob man.

The mob gave Ruffino 100 grand for McNally to throw a fight. A lot of mob money was bet against McNally. The odds against McNally were 10-1. Ruffino and McNally's wife, however, bet 100 grand on McNally to win, which he did. Ruffino ran off with the winnings and McNally's wife. While making their getaway, however, their boat exploded. They were never seen again.

Leaving the gym, Malone finds himself being tailed. He overcomes the thug following him and discovers that he is a seaman for the Brazilian Queen. He heads to the shipyard for answers.

On the ship, he encounters Bo Lester, narcotics dealer. His chauffer is hauntingly familiar to Malone. He is Sam Ruffino, the Little Champs manager. Ruffino has been hiding out, under disguise, for many years. Ruffino was spotted by the Little Champ, who was then eliminated by Ruffino. A fierce gun battle ensues, and Ruffino is handed over to the police by Malone.


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