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Planet of Vampires #3
Planet of Vampires #3
July 1975
Cover - Russ Heath with Larry Lieber
The Blood Plague
Story - John Albano
Art - Russ Heath
Editor - Larry Lieber

An old army fighter plane is heading directly for the vampire's domed fortress. As the Domies stare in horror, two pilots eject from the plane, which is laden with explosives. It crashes into the Dome, with the massive explosion rupturing an opening allowing the Astronauts access to search for their missing wives.

Chris and Craig infiltrate deep within the Dome in search of Brenda and Elissa. Breaking into a laboratory, they find Brenda dead, her body completely drained of blood. His wife now dead, a devastated Craig stays behind to grieve for his wife, while Chris goes in search of the Proctor.

Upon finding the Proctor, Chris quickly puts a bullet thru his head. After leaving the Proctor's office, he encounters Craig, who has found Elissa, alive and well.

Chris and Ellisa, using a floater, opt to leave the area, in hopes of finding a place where humans can live in harmony. They leave Craig behind, who cannot leave his dead wife Brenda.

Thousands of miles into their journey, Chris and Elissa find no signs of life. They are forced to land just outside of Los Angeles when the floater's fuel supply runs low.

As they make there way thru the dense foliage, Elissa is attacked by a giant mutated spider. Chris tears the creature off his wife, but the damage has been done. Elissa is dead. Captain Chris Galland is all alone on the ... Planet of Vampires.


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