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Planet of Vampires #2
Planet of Vampires #2
April 1975
Cover - Neal Adams/Dick Giordano
Quest for Blood
Story - John Albano
Art - Pat Broderick/Frank McLaughlin
Editor - Larry Lieber

A battle rages for the control of two rival gangs. Bruiser Culhane of the Bay Ridge Assassins and Lenny Siegle of the Myrtle Avenue Boys will battle to the death. The fate of the astronauts also hangs in the balance.

As the battle between the two warlords rages below, another battle takes place in the skies above. Astronauts Craig and Brenda have stolen a floater. They are being pursued by Domies.

Bruiser overtakes Lenny but refuses to take his life. He proposes that the gangs rally together to battle the Domies. Lenny wants no part of a war against the Domies, but he has pledged his fellow gang members to the cause.

After evading the Domies, Craig lands the floater. Chris and Craig then rig the floater to explode. It does so as soon as the Domies approach it, obliterating everything in sight.

As a beaten Lenny wanders the city street, he is spotted by a floater. His carelessness may cost him his life. As the vampires are about to strike, the floater is blown out of the sky by Bruiser and his gang. Grateful for saving his life, Lenny joins the battle against the Domies.

Captain Galland decides to gather all the Tribal leaders in order to consolidate every group into one fighting unit. However, before any agreement can be struck, a huge armada of Dome dwellers attacks. Led by Captain Galland, they battle the Domies with their primitive weapons. As the battle rages, Ellisa and Brenda are taken hostage by the vampires and taken back to the Dome. Captain Galland vows to rescue the two women, even if he must destroy every vampire in the process.


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