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Planet of Vampires #1
Planet of Vampires #1
February 1975
Cover - Pat Broderick/Neal Adams
The Long Road Home
Story - Larry Hama
Art - Pat Broderick/Frank McLaughlin
Editor - Larry Lieber

April 21st, 2010. The crew of the Mars probe Aries VII returns home after a 5 year voyage. They will return to an earth far different from when they first left.

After a successful water landing outside of Coney Island, the astronauts are attacked by a group of savages. One of the astronauts is killed. Before the savages can inflict further damage, a small floating aircraft appears laying waste to the savages. The astronaut crew is taken to a huge dome. With the Empire State Building as it's axis, it stands 1100 feet tall with 5 interior levels. The dome is designed to keep the savages out. To the savages, the inhabitants of the Dome are known as Domies.

The crew is soon introduced to the Proctor, the Dome Administrator. Captain Chris Galland recounts how the Aries VII first lost contact with Earth. The last message that they received from Mission Control is that war had been declared between the major powers. The crew assumed the worst, that controlled nuclear war was raging across the face of the earth. The astronauts decided to continue to orbit Mars, hoping to hear something from earth. Soon, critical limitations of life support forced them to return to earth.

After their meeting with the Proctor, the astronauts are taken to their quarters. On the way, they encounter a savage being taken to an "Indoctrination Facility". Screams of terror cause them to investigate the facility. To their horror, they find an assembly line for extracting bodily fluids from humans. The People of the Dome are mechanized vampires. Freeing what savages they can, they destroy the facility. The astronaut crew is led to freedom by Bruiser Culhane, Warlord of the Bay Ridge assassins.

Captain Galland and his crew soon learn that the savages had developed immunity to the horrid new diseases that ravaged the land, while the people of the Dome developed no immunity and were susceptible to the plague. The Domies extracted a serum from the blood of the savages in order to stay alive. Like the ancient vampires of lore, the Domies feasted on the blood of the savages in order to stay alive.

Shortly after escaping the Dome, Bruiser and the astronauts are confronted by Bad Lenny Siegle of the Myrtle Street Boys. The two gang leaders will fight to the death with the fate of the astronauts hanging in the balance.


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