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The Phoenix #2
The Phoenix #4
October 1975
Cover - Larry Lieber
A Man for All Centuries
Story - Gary Friedrich
Art - Ric Estrada/Frank Giacoia
Editor - Larry Lieber

Ed Tyler, the man known as the Phoenix, contemplates the events of weeks past. His failures have caused the near destruction of both New York City and Reykjavik. His guilt over his failures is the catalyst that causes him to attempt to take his own life. He propels himself into Earth's atmosphere at such great speed that his body begins to burn. He soon loses conciseness.

The actions of the Phoenix have not gone unnoticed. He is soon teleported aboard a huge alien space station.

He awakens surrounded by aliens with his face covered in bandages. He attempts escape but is quickly subdued by a burst from a tranquilaser. He is taken to the ship's main control room, where he is greeted by the Protectors of the Universe.

The Protectors are responsible for sending the Deiei to earth to monitor the evolution of the human race. Displeased with the way mankind has evolved, the omnipotent Magus has commanded that the Protectors grant humankind one final opportunity for redemption. The result to rest solely on the shoulders of one earthman, Ed Tyler.

Tyler is given a new appearance, combat gear and armaments. Before he can accept the assignment to save the earth, he must survive a test. He is transported to Asteroid of Exiles to do battle with it's champion, the Cyclops. If he does not survive, the human race will perish.

Not accustomed to his new costume and weaponry, Tyler falters at the outset. He barely manages to evade the crushing blows of the Cyclops. He soon manages to destroy the creature by blasting at the mountainside and burying the Cyclops under tons of rubble.

After his victory, he is instantly transported back to the space station, before the Protectors. He has passed the test and earned the right to save Earth. He is dubbed the Protector. His mission is to civilize the human race. If he fails, the earth will be no more.


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