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The Phoenix #2
The Phoenix #3
June 1975
Cover - Frank Thorne
The Day of the Devil
Story - Gabe Levy
Art - Sal Amendola
Editor - Jeff Rovin

A tranquil morning on the snow capped Himalayas is soon shattered. A village is under attack by a horde of Abominable Snowmen, who have been sent by the Devil himself. Those who resist are killed, the remainder are carried off to encounter a fate far worse than death.

The attacks in the Himalayas have drawn world wide attention. Upon learning of the attacks, the Phoenix departs for the Himalayas to investigate.

After arriving at the village, he finds it in ruins and nearly devoid of life. The sole survivor of this devastation is an elderly shepard, Jubra.

He recounts the events of the attacks to the Phoenix. He claims that the Snowmen are lead by the Devil. The Phoenix scoffs at the suggestion.

The Phoenix soon finds himself under attack by three Snowmen, who have stormed the old man's home. The creatures are no match for his atomic power and are quickly dispatched. The Phoenix and Jubra then travel to the Devil's mountain refuge to confront him.

Arriving at the refuge, they are greeted by the Devil himself. Despite his outward appearance, the Phoenix remains doubtful as to his true identity.

He soon discovers that the villagers are being transformed into abominable snowmen. Witnessing this horror causes the Phoenix to immediately lash out at the Devil, who is revealed to be one of the alien Deiei. The alien is Lucifer, who was banished from the Deiei Arctic headquarters for performing unsanctioned experiments. The Deiei had been monitoring him closely, but with the destruction of the Arctic Base, he has been forgotten.

Overpowered by a horde of Snowmen, the Phoenix is forced to battle Lucifer's greatest creation, the Loch Ness Monster. The Phoenix electrocutes the waters around the creature forcing him to land. It is there that Lucifer become a victim of his own creation, as the creature devours him.

The Phoenix then proceeds to rescue the imprisoned villagers and destroy the mountain refuge, forever ending the terror of the Abominable Snowmen.

The Dark Avenger - The Rat Pack
Story - John Albano
Art - Pat Broderick/Terry Austin
Editor - Jeff Rovin

On their way home, brothers Gerald and Arthur make the mistake of passing through Rat Pack territory. The gang quickly assault the two brothers and lead them to the cellar of an abandoned building.

Anyone that walks though Rat Pack territory must pay a tariff. The brothers have no money on their persons, so Gerald remains captive while Arthur leaves to get the money.

Hidden in Arthur's closet is the costume of the Dark Avenger. Donning the costume, he returns to the cellar and frees his brother, while decimating the Rat Pack in the process.

Later that evening, Arthur reflects on how he became the Dark Avenger. After a night of working late at the Rare Metals Factory, Arthur spots a meteorite flash to the earth. Finding the meteorite, he returns to the Rare Metals Factory and begins to analyze it. He finds an unknown metal with an atomic structure different from anything on Earth.

Weeks later, he is able to melt the metal and form a flexible, indestructible suit. Arthur dons the costume and becomes the Dark Avenger.


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