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The Phoenix #2
The Phoenix #2
March 1975
Cover - Sal Amendola/Dick Giordano
And the Sea Ran Red
Story - Gabe Levy
Plot - Jeff Rovin
Art - Sal Amendola
Editor - Jeff Rovin

While atop a mountain overlooking Iceland's capital city of Reykjavik, Ed Tyler ponders recent events. His thoughts are rudely interrupted by gunfire in his direction. An elderly man, gun in hand, suspects that Tyler is responsible for the devastation that has leveled Reykjavik. The radio has dubbed him Phoenix, rising from the ashes that was Reykjavik. Despite the fact that he could easily overpower the elderly man, he accompanies him, at gunpoint, to his home.

While at the old man's home, he recounts his tale of the alien Deiei, who were responsible for the Reykjavik devastation. The story is dismissed as a fairy tale by the old man, but he soon becomes a believer as the Deiei have tracked down Tyler. While battling the spaceship, one of the aliens transports off the ship and destroys the old man's house and everyone within. In a blind rage, Tyler attacks the alien. Near death , the alien reveals that the Deiei have attacked New York City and plan to destroy the earth. Tyler immediately heads for New York City.

A fierce battle ensues between Tyler and dozens of alien spacecraft. Armed with the aliens own atomic fire power, he his able to overcome the invasion and save New York City.

Hours later, Tyler contemplates the current state of affairs of the planet Earth. He vows to become an example for all mankind, to lead them away from evil and show them the path to salvation. For he is... the Phoenix.


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