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Morlock 2001 #1
Morlock 2001 #1
February 1975
Cover - Al Milgrom/Dick Giordano
The cover to this issue was altered prior to publication.
See both covers side by side here.
The Coming of Morlock
Story - Mike Fleisher
Art - Al Milgrom/Jack Abel
Editor - Jeff Rovin

The year is 2001 A.D. A totalitarian regime holds people in an iron grip. The Thought Police break into the home of Professor Kroschell, who has been conducting illegal botanical experiments. They liquidate the Professor and set his home ablaze. They leave with two large pods which are the product of his last, and greatest, experiment.

The pods are kept under observation at a laboratory complex. Weeks pass until one of the pods begins to open. The scientists are shocked to find a human growing inside the pod. He is removed from the pod and placed in the hospital rejuvenator.

Eventually, the pod creature awakens and begins to speak. He is given the name Morlock and indoctrinated so that he can be used for the benefit of the totalitarian regime. Weeks later, Morlock inadvertently makes contact with one of the scientists. Within seconds, the life of the scientist is snuffed out as his body is completely covered by a green plant like fungus.

The government decides to use Morlock as an assassin. They send him out to "touch" those the government has deemed subversive. Morlock is torn by his actions and voices his displeasure.

Days later, Morlock is befriended by Lynda, who, unbeknownst to Morlock, has been assigned by the Government to further brainwash Morlock. Lynda encourages him to continue his work for the government.

However, Morlock can no longer continue taking the lives of others. He heads to the lab complex to refuse any further assignments. He over hears Lynda's voice in a nearby office. He realizes that Lynda is a spy for the government. His rage and anger cause him to transform into a mindless Plant Monster. Morlock then devours and absorbs Lynda, leaving only a pool of brackish slime behind. After fleeing the lab complex, Morlock reverts back to human form and is now a fugitive from justice.


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