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Ironjaw #4
Ironjaw #4
July 1975
Cover - Pablo Marcos
And Who Will Forge a Jaw of Iron ?
Story - Gary Friedrich
Art - Pablo Marcos
Editor - Larry Lieber

As Ironjaw eats a paltry meal of raw quail, he begins to reflect on his past. He thinks back to a time when he was little more than a peaceful, contented minstrel, living amongst a band of thieves.

The minstrel, however, has raised the ire of several of Tar-Lok's men. He stands accused of defying the sacred code, of stealing from his fellow thieves. Many of the woman have eyes only for the young minstrel. The woman promised to Dektor, Carlotta, has fallen in love with the minstrel. Dektor's jealousy knows no bounds, so the minstrel must die.

Dektor has decreed that the minstrel will sing no more. Using a white hot blade, he slices his chin and lower jaw from his head and leaves him to die.

After the robbers depart, Carlotta arrives in hopes of saving the young minstrel's life. She takes his near dead body to Soran the Sorceress. For a bag of gold, she agrees to save him. She prepares a potion and using a secret incantation, transforms the potion into a mysterious serum. The minstrel will live.

Days pass before the minstrel finally awakes. Heavily bandaged, he is not aware of the extent of the damage to his face. Leaving the cave of the Sorceress, he comes across a stream and removes his bandages. To his horror, he discovers that his chin and lower jaw are missing. He returns in despair to Soran's cave.

Still distraught over his appearance, the minstrel is visited by two of Dektor's men. They have discovered that the minstrel still lives. Dektor has ordered that the minstrel be killed.

The sorceress, however,intervenes and casts a spell on the intruders. They remain frozen where they stand.

Soran has returned with the Forger. He has forged a jaw of iron for the minstrel. The iron jaw is permanently forged to the minstrel's existing bone structure. Thus begins the Saga of Ironjaw.


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