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Ironjaw #3
Ironjaw #3
May 1975
Cover - Pablo Marcos
The Wolf-Cowled-Head-Hunters of Amun-Rak
Story - Mike Fleisher
Art - Pablo Marcos
Editor - Jeff Rovin

At long last, Ironjaw returns to the Valley of Amun-Rak, the home of Tar-Lok the Robber.

As he enters the forest clearing, Ironjaw discovers the body of one of Tar-Lok's men, hanging from a tree, impaled with arrows. As he is removing the body from the tree, he is surrounded by the sheriff's men. Ironjaw battles bravely, but is badly outnumbered.

Just as capture appears imminent, Tar-Lok and his band of robbers arrive. After negotiating a fee of 450 gold sovereigns, Tar-Lok and his band come to the aid of Ironjaw. They quickly rout the sheriff's men and head back for Tar-Lok's camp.

That night during a lavish feast, Tar-Lok recounts how he first encountered Ironjaw. While riding through a howling blizzard, pursued by the sheriff's men, he heard the cries of a small child. Tar-Lok discovers the abandoned infant and decides to raise the boy as his own.

The next morning, the band of outlaws ascend the cliff toward the Sanctuary of the Great Machine. At the cliff top cavern, under the watchful eye of Han-Suk the priest, the outlaws deposit a portion of their latest booty into the Great Machine. This infuriates Tar-Lok, who believes Han-Suk has created a false God in order to secure tributes from the superstitious outlaws.

As the band of robbers depart, Han-Suk decides to take action against Tar-Lok. He makes his way to the village of headhunters deep within the forest of Amun-Rak. In exchange for gold, the headhunters will eliminate Tar-Lok.

The next day, as Tar-Lok and his two companions wind their way along a forest trail, they are ambushed by a group of headhunters. Tar-Lok is captured and taken back to the village of the headhunters.

Knowing that this was the work of the headhunters, Ironjaw heads to the village of the headhunters to rescue Tar-Lok. He is able to overcome a sentry and disguise himself with a cowl. He soon discovers Tar-Lok imprisoned in a cage. He offers to free him for 650 gold sovereigns. Tar-lok grudgingly agrees. As he leaves the cage, Tar-Lok lets out a blood-curdling war cry, alerting the headhunters to their presence. Ironjaw is to earn the 650 gold sovereigns. Together they decimate the headhunters and return to Tar-Lok's camp.


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