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Ironjaw #1
Ironjaw #2
March 1975
Cover - Neal Adams
Ironjaw the King
Story - Mike Fleisher
Art - Pablo Marcos
Editor - Jeff Rovin

Ironjaw's female companion is taken from her dungeon cell to the King's arena. She is chained to a post and drenched in honey as the bloodthirsty crowd looks on. The King gives the order and the blood hungry bears lumber toward the tortured girl.

Before the King's bears can strike, Ironjaw intervenes. Riding his unicorn, he disposes of the King's guard and rescues the young woman before the bears can devour her. They escape the arena and head for the rebel camp.

Later, in the chamber of Princess Elena, her Hand Maiden, Marianne, recounts the tale of Elena's long lost brother.

The Queen had given birth to twins, Elena and a boy, Roland. Roland was to be heir to the throne. The Queen, however, had a lover and together they plotted to kill the King. They succeeded when the King was mysteriously thrown from his horse and broke his neck.

After a suitable period of mourning, the Queen married her lover and he became King. Knowing that the infant Roland was the rightful heir to the kingdom, he ordered an elderly stableman to drown the boy in a nearby lake. The old man, however, took pity on the young boy and abandoned him on a snowy mountain top, hoping he would survive. The boy would survive, and become the man called Ironjaw.

Ironjaw soon arrives at the rebel camp where they plot to overthrow the ruthless King. Ironjaw agrees to lead the attack for 500 gold coins.

Later that evening, Ironjaw scales the castle wall. Before he opens the main gate, he must satisfy his curiosity concerning Princess Elena. He makes his way to her chamber and confronts the Princess. She narrates the story told by the Hand Maiden, Marianne. Ironjaw, still having doubts, binds and gags the Princess. He heads for the main gate as the rebels prepare to attack.

Ironjaw battles his way to the Royal Chamber where he confronts the King. Ironjaw's shoulder is pierced with an arrow, but that does not stop him. He wrenches the arrow from his shoulder and advances toward the King. He plunges the arrow deep into the King's abdomen. With the King dead, Ironjaw assumes his rightful place as ruler of the Kingdom.

Ironjaw, however, cannot adjust to a life of prosperity. He flees the kingdom to resume his solitary life of fighting, stealing and watching the stars.


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