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The Grim Ghost #2
The Grim Ghost #3
March 1975
Cover - Ernie Colon
The Grim Ghost Returns...
Story - Mike Fleisher
Art - Ernie Colon
Editor - Jeff Rovin

An explosion rocks the luxury liner Varonia. Aboard the ship is precious cargo, the priceless Moonstone Buddha, locked away in the Purser's vault.

Seconds later, a helicopter arrives, as the criminals attempt to leave the ship with the prized Buddha. Before they can make their escape, the Grim Ghost arrives on the scene, riding his black steed. He toys with the criminals before dispatching them to Hell.

Days later, Matthew Dunsinane holds a party at his Colonial home. Among the guests are the Police Commissioner, Harrison Marten and his wife, as well as his daughter Jackie.

The Commissioner is soon called away as he is informed that the Magruder boys are cornered on a city rooftop. An interested Matthew Dunsinane overhears the conversation and also makes a hasty exit, much to the dismay of Jackie.

The Ghost arrives on the rooftop and confronts the Magruder boys. Their souls are quickly dispatched to Satan and the Grim Ghost takes his leave. The Commissioner soon arrives at the rooftop, only to find that the Magruder boys have disappeared.

Note - The cover of this issue was sneaked through production in order to avoid it being seen by Publisher Martin Goodman, who would have rejected it because it did not follow his formula.


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