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Fright #1
Fright #1
June 1975
Cover - Frank Thorne
Son of Dracula - And Unto Dracula Was Born a Son
Story - Gary Friedrich
Art - Frank Thorne
Editor - Larry Lieber

A witch about to be burned at the stake has captured the attention of Count Dracula. He sees the woman as a way to satisfy his lust for human blood. He swoops down and claims the woman from the terrified villagers.

He takes the unconscious woman to his castle and prepares to feast. The Count recoils in shock as he notices the birthmark of Dracula upon her breast. She is the only living relative of Count Dracula, his fourth cousin. He soon learns that she is the only female ever born to a Dracula.

The urge for human blood, however, proves to great for the Count to overcome. He reveals himself to be a vampire and prepares to drain the blood from the woman. In a desperate attempt to save her life, the woman offers the Count a son, a son which is of the pure blood of Dracula. In exchange, he will not convert her to one of the undead. The Count agrees, and 9 months later, Dracula has a son.

After the child is born, Dracula deems her cousin to be of no further use. He attacks her, despite his word not to, and satisfies his lust for human blood.

The next morning, despite being weak from Dracula's attack, she takes her child to a ship that will set sail for America. She entrusts the boy to a woman familiar with the curse of Dracula, knowing that he will be safe. After the ship departs, Dracula arrives and confronts his cousin. Knowing that she will become one of the undead, she takes her life, and denies Dracula his son.

Time passes, and the Son of Dracula, known as Adam Lucard, is a teacher at Columbia University. Aware of his heritage, he has managed to keep his bloodlust under control. A golden cross prevents him from becoming a vampire at night and vial of his native soil protects him during the day.

One evening, his sleep is interrupted by one of his students, who breaks into his apartment in an effort to surprise him. She removes the cross from his neck and quickly becomes the first victim of the Son of Dracula.


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